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When I saw this picture at House Beautiful, I knew it had to be my Friday saneaty post!  The combination of the excellent organization solution (the custom shelving units that don’t get in the way of the door) and the fact that it was employed to create a home library…well what could be better?

Well everyone, that’s all for this week.  I hope your weekends are nice…and neat!

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Just to clarify, I care about organization, but I also care about the english language.  I had to remove the picture from yesterday’s entry because “organized” was actually spelled “organizized” and I just couldn’t take it anymore.  Never fear though–I have a new picture for you today with absolutely no spelling errors!

Here we have a pretty chic and organized space.  Shelves with baskets, a great color scheme, work space and a couch all in one.

But is it really a couch?  Look closer…

What at first glance seems to be a couch, is actually a Murphy bed.  That means that while not in use, that baby folds up and out of sight!  It is the perfect idea for any guest room that gets only moderate to little use.  Why take up all that floor space (like I currently do) with a bed that’s only used about a dozen times a year?

Well I’m not sure if you guys get as excited about Murphy beds as I do–but maybe you’ll at least be inspired by the other organizational elements in this space.  Either way, I hope your weekends are nice…and neat!

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It’s friday, and while on friday’s I try to provide something to inspire organization or beauty in your weekend…this was just too perfect.  Thanks to Gabriel for sending it along.  (And of course…LOL Cats…)

Happy friday everyone!  I hope your weekends are nice…and neat!

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Try something like this!

From September 2010 edition of Canadian House and Home

Thanks to Paloma Contreras at La Dolce Vita for a beautiful post (as always), and inspiration for my own blog!  As you can see, this room should be a guest room, or a living room, or something…but instead of full curtains there are clothes hanging.  Instead of books on the bookshelves–there are shoes.  Some of us have no closet space…but if you, like me, have an extra bedroom…why not let the inspiration flow?  Sure, I have other eventual plans for that space–but for now–it’s got 2 desks and a dressing table in it.  Why not up the functionality and turn it into  a full-fledged closet?

Well that’s it for me–I hope your weekends are nice…and neat!

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It’s that time again!  Time for a little Friday saneaty.  Today’s picture comes from HGTV’s Designers’ Portfolio and was designed by Randy Weinstein Design.  What I love about this room is its creativity.  The bookshelves to the left assure that no space is wasted, and echo the stairs perfectly.  To the right over the computer are more bookshelves that look built-in because they are tucked under the soffit.  Finally, you can see that the “computer desk” is actually just a table…on wheels!

Thanks to HGTV's Designers' Portfolio for this picture

When you have a small space, organization and multi-tasking rooms are especially crucial, and this is a great example of how to make it work.  By having the computer table so mobile–the computer could be moved off and all of a sudden you can accommodate more people for dinner, a party, or even just wrapping holiday gifts without having to store foldable tables.  And I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the couch in the foreground by the stairs also has some storage underneath that cushion.

Well I hope you’re as inspired as me to find some corner of your home that could use a little creative storage and I hope your weekends are nice….and neat!

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It’s Friday again!  Time for your weekly visual saneaty!  Remember that you don’t always have to use things for their original intentions.  At home I use an old bookshelf to hold my shoes.  This is a great shoe rack that got turned to other use!

Thanks to "One of a Kind" blog for this photo

Here are a few other tips:

  1. Mugs for makeup brushes or pens and pencils
  2. Shoeboxes for curling irons, straighteners, hairbrushes
  3. Empty spice containers to hold paperclips, pushpins, etc…
  4. Old tablecloths make great dropcloths, old t-shirts make great dustcloths
  5. “Mistake” print outs can be cut up to make scraps of paper to write everything from “to do” lists to grocery lists.

Alright everyone–that’s it for today.  I hope all your weekends are nice…and neat!

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Each Friday, I will try to leave you with a calming, saneaty filled picture to inspire you to new and more organized heights over the weekend.  Here’s the first post!

Thank you to the Real Estate Home Buying Guide Blog for this pictures.

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