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Most of us exist on a sliding scale of clutter–from “neat freak” to “slob” and there’s no better place to observe this than your desk.  I’ve often heard that, “a neat desk is the sign of a sick mind.”  I’m not sure how true that is, (personally, I think that that’s the attitude of a person who just hasn’t gotten the knack of being organized!)  but it is certainly a sign of something.  Back in October, this was sent to me (thank you Jen!) and I’m so glad to be sharing it with you now.

So who are you in this video?  Philosophically I think I’m a little Kurt Anderson.  Leave a comment and let me know!

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Happy Monday

Happy Monday everyone…

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Story time everyone!  Gather ’round…

Once upon a time there was a girl who had a rather busy job doing all sorts of random things at a school at a university.  She took care of the schedule for her school, answered phone calls, moved chairs and other items…pretty much anything asked.  As part of her job doing the schedule, she was often called upon to schedule pretty important things, so she kept very close track of all of her phone calls in a single, chronological log, and kept all of her emails.

One day, the girl’s boss’s boss’s administrative assistant called.  One of those important people called about one of those very important things that was scheduled.  They were under the impression that it was scheduled for a different day than the girl had scheduled it.  The girl, having the emails, brought one forward which described the original date of the event.  They countered that the very important people had claimed to have called and “confirmed on the phone” the change of date.  The girl asked what date the call had come.  The answer was “sometime after August 2nd.”  The girl looked back through that chronological log of every phone call and message she had ever gotten and confirmed that no one had called to change the date.

The moral of this story is that organization can not just help you save a little time or money.  It can help you save your job.  If you are consistently more organized and thorough, then even when you come up against the word of “more important” people, you will fair alright because you will be able to go straight to the document, the phone call, the email, the fax, the notes…and produce the truth.

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Out of time

In Yoga, there is a belief that you have a certain number of breaths in this life.  Once you have used them all, whenever that may be, you will pass on.

I don’t know if that’s true or not.  In fact, I am often acutely aware of how little I know, and how much there is still to learn about life, the universe and everything.  So it is with sadness and a little bit of confusion that I say farewell to my friend Sean.  If it’s true, and we only have so many breaths in this life–his were spent in the best ways possible–in laughter…and in song.

I am always pleased to hear when one of you is inspired into action because of something you read on this blog–but I implore you to also relax and not take it all too seriously.  I honestly believe that being a little more organized can improve your quality of life but I also believe that if you’ve organized your sock drawer more times than you’ve taken walks or visited with friends, you’re missing the point.  Stay organized so you can spend more time living and enjoying your life.  Spend your breaths, however many we get, like Sean.  

He didn’t waste a single one.

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I am extremely sorry to do this, but unfortnately I need to postpone my second paper post!  Today was the first day of my class, and we were assigned double homework!  I’ve been working on it since 5:00 and I will be working on it for quite a bit longer!

Hopefully tomorrow we’ll just have one evening’s homework and I’ll be back at this!

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Here’s a little article my cousin Rudy sent me.  Interesting idea!  This woman in Boston has a similar business to mine, but she is also a visual artist.  She uses some of the “before and after” transformations from her work to create art!

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Hello world!

Welcome to my first entry on the saneaty blog!  You can come here to find organizational tips and tricks of my own, and also links to important information to keep you sane and keep you neat!

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